John Hill

Employed at Sloss ore mines in Bessemer Alabama for more than forty (40) years

(1919-1959) and like most other miners for many years maintained an account at Sloss Commissary for groceries and other family needs

Started to work at age 13 when his father a police officer was killed in the line of duty

Self educated himself with the help of his wife Kathleen (Smith) Hill to become an electrician while having only a third grade formal education

Elected president of United Mine Workers local and national delegate to UMW convention in Denver Colorado and Joplin, Missouri

Father of seven children (Only one born in a hospital)

Lived in Sloss mining camp until 1944 when he built a house in Powderly one block off street car line where he caught street car to be at work a 6:00 a.m. five days a week walking approximately one and one half miles each way each day from street car stop in Bessemer to Sloss mine entrance.

Did not own automobile until youngest child was fifteen years old (1955) and never had a drivers license

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