Midtown Medical Center Partners... Ltd.

10 Inverness Park .

Suite 130

Birmingham ., Alabama... 35241

Tommy E. Hill General Partner


Tommy E. Hill is President of Tommy E. Hill Professional Association andGin Ann Real Estate & Energy, Inc. He is a graduate of the University of Alabama with a B.S. degree in Education and a Master of Arts in School Administration. He isalso a graduate of the Cumberland School of Law, Samford University, with A Juris Doctor degree. Mr. Hill is also a licensed real estate broker in Alabama and Florida.

Mr. Hill, as General Partner. and/or his wholly owned corporations have developed or purchased 27 properties with a combined value of over $100,000,000.00.

Over 85% of these properties were acquired in the planning or under construction stage and Mr. Hill has participated in the acquisition of the land, the planning of the proposed properties, the zoning, the rent-up, the management, and the sale of these properties.

In addition to the development, ownership and sale of approximately 3000 apartment units, included in these properties were the development of a retail shopping center in Dade City, Florida and two commercial office buildings in Birmingham, Alabama.

Meadow Tree Realty, Inc. and E & T Coal Company, Inc. are wholly owned subsidiaries of Gin-Ann Real Estate and Energy, Inc. Mr. Hill is the sole stockholder and chief executive officer of Meadow Tree Realty, Inc., E & T Coal Company, Inc., and Gin-Ann Real Estate & Energy, Inc.

Mr. Hill has been employed by several clients as a management consultant on non­owned properties including employment by affiliates of Merrill-Lynch (C.R.I) and Shearson-American Express (Related Housing) with payments in the six figures range.

In addition, Mr. Hill has served on the Board. of Directors of several corporations, including a $400 million dollar hospital corporation and was the chairman of trustees for a 6,500 member church and was the chairman of trustees of an international education organization.

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